UNIPOR - Building blocks for a healthy world

UNIPOR brick – the natural building material:
Made from burned clay and porosified with the help of sawdust, UNIPOR provides
for a healthy and natural room climate.

The excellent heat storage capacity provides for a well-balanced room temperature.
The natural capillary system regulates the humidity.

New Filling Plant for UNIPOR CORISO

Powerful Partnership: UNIPOR and Lingl

UNIPOR and Lingl build up a new Cooperation Model for CORISO Marketing.
Both companies are convinced that the CORISO technology is setting
the standards for the appropriate  building material system
in the future.

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UNIPOR CORSIO - The new brick with mineral insulation filling

7th UNIPOR architecture award "In harmony with nature"
Brick art "Freedom - clay sculpture"